Last updated: June 4, 2008

The Truth about PowerYourWay


PowerYourWay This site explains the PowerYourWay program, and tells you which ESCOs will provide service for your based on location. It provides contact information for the ESCOs.
PowerMove See the link on the right side of the page for the discount and to sign up. Or call 1-877-MOVE-234.
NY State Public Service Commission: Ask PSC Click on "Power To Choose", then enter your zip code. The rates listed on this page refer to the supply portion only. They do not include the delivery charge.  The rates on the site may be out of date (no date is provided for when the rates were obtained).  Also, they list the PowerMove rate, which may be misleading because it is only valid for 2 months, after which the supplier's market rate applies.  They do not include historical rates.
NY State Public Service Commission: Energy Supplier Comparison Chart Same as above.
ConEd For billing questions, call 1-800-752-6633. If you want to speak with a representative, do not enter your account number or social security number. Otherwise you will get stuck in the phone menu.
Power Scorecard
"The Power Scorecard is a rating mechanism that assesses the environmental impact of different types of electric generation. The Power Scorecard makes it easy for you to plug into cleaner power for the future of the planet."

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