Last updated: March 20, 2009

The Truth about PowerYourWay

Our current pick

This web site is no longer updated as of March 20, 2009.  Our final recommendation is as follows: 

Con Ed has been consistently one of the cheapest suppliers of electricity and remains competitive over the long run. We recommend against switching energy suppliers.

See ESCOs for more details and historical price data. Contact
PowerMove to sign up if you are interested.

PowerYourWay is the ConEd program (serving New York City and Westchester) that allows you to choose an energy supply provider for gas and electric. The purpose of this web site is to explain the program and help you easily determine whether PowerYourWay will save you money.

You may save up to 2% by switching to another electricity supplier. However, in other cases you will pay more, or you could get stuck in an expensive contract. Our hope is that this web site will help to create a more competitive market by making it easier for consumers to compare their options. If you have already investigated PowerYourWay, you know that it is not easy to determine whether switching to another supply provider (ESCO) will actually save you money, or which ESCO is best. This site is designed to make the choice easy. We monitor the ESCOs on a monthly basis, and report which ESCOs offer a competitive advantage.

See the New York Times article "Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills" from Sunday, Oct 15, 2006. (Do a search on the web site for this title).

In addition, this site contains historical data to help you determine if you're actually saving money after you've made the switch.

Understanding the PowerYourWay program (Details)

Please email us your electricity bill! (Contact)


PowerMove is a program offered by ConEd to encourage you to switch to an ESCO. With this program you get a 7% discount off the ConEd supply rate for the first two months. After the first two months, you are then charged the regular (non-discounted) supply rate of the ESCO of your choosing. Thus, you are guaranteed savings for the first two months compared to what you would pay had you not switched. After the first two months, savings may not be guaranteed. To get the discount, you must apply through PowerMove, either by calling them at 1-877-MOVE-234 or through the PowerYourWay website (click the PowerMove link on the right side). Do not sign up directly with an ESCO or you may not receive the discount! (If you accidently sign up directly with an ESCO, you may still be able to call ConEd and try to correct the situation.)

With both PowerYourWay and PowerMove, they don't charge the 4% sales tax on the delivery portion of your bill.

An advantage of using the PowerMove program is that there are no signup, cancellation, or switching charges at any time (or at least for the first year). If you sign up with an ESCO directly, they may charge a singup or cancellation fee.


While we make every effort to provide correct information, the information on this site may be incorrect or out of date. If you believe any information is incorrect, please contact us.